Reading Homework
It is important for children to get into the lifelong habit of reading daily.  To help establish that habit children will be required to read 15 minutes daily.  Hopefully,  once they start reading they will enjoy their reading and lose track of time.  A parent/adult signature will be required on their home reading sheet.
  Book Check-out
Besides checking books out from the our Washington Library, children may also check books out from our classroom library. 
  Reading Level
Five Finger Rule - If your child is able to read a page without having trouble with five words your child is probably reading an appropriate  independent level.  If your child finds reading challenging I will allow your child to have some flexibility in their book selection, but I will be guiding their selection.  It is especially important for struggling readers to have appropriate reading levels so they can progress as quickly as possible.  If your child is interested in a book that is too difficult for him or her I would encourage parents to read the  book to the child. 

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Mrs. Hanten