Homework Policy
If students do not return their homework the next day.  They complete it during a recess.  The child will be required to call a parent or leave a message.    The parent is not expected to bring the homework to school. This procedure is to keep the lines of communication open.  I feel that children do need to have a break at recess.  Therefore, if a child is spending too many recesses doing their homework an alternative plan will need to be made. 

  Reading Homework
It is important for children to get into the lifelong habit of reading daily.  To help establish that habit children will be required to read 15 minutes daily.  Hopefully,  once they start reading they will enjoy their reading and lose track of time.  A parent/adult signature will be required on their home reading sheet.
  Math Homework - At the beginning of the year your child will bring home a math homework agreement.  One parent or adult signature is required.  However, parents may share the responsibility.  Homework assignments should not take much time.  Struggling learners especially need a break.  Modifications can be made if you feel that your child is spending too much time on homework.

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Mrs. Hanten